LogoForTeachers.pngPiano lessons for 3-5 year olds?

Oh, yes! Now children ages 3-5 in the Hays, Kansas area can get this early boost of music learning, fine motor skills, and learning readiness. Through the three book Wunderkeys series, a child goes from being a beginner with no prior piano or music experience and finishes with solid keyboard awareness, an understanding of rhythmic notation, and the ability to play simple pieces with both hands.

Aren't they too young? 

No, these are designed with young children in mind. Each lesson contains five different activities to help young children stay engaged and to reinforce the concepts of that lesson. There are 4 signs your child is ready for lessons.

What skills does my child need to start piano?

Answer these questions. If you answer "no" or "not quite", then wait at least 6 months before answering them again.

  • Can he wiggle just his thumbs when asked?
  • Does he show interest in the piano?  Does he like moving to music?
  • Does he know the difference between banging on the piano and playing carefully?
  • Does he sit and listen to (short) stories with interest?
  • Can he follow 2-part instructions (such as “Find your red sock and put it on the bed.”)

What are the benefits of piano lessons? 

Music shares concepts with many academic areas. These lessons involve patterning, sorting, grouping, classification, counting, number recognition, “more than/less than”, and one-to-one correspondence. These are math skills children use in kindergarten. Not only will they be familiar with these important mathematical concepts, but their first experience with math will be one that is both enjoyable and approachable, in which they were made to feel successful.

Wunderkeys is also there to nurture a child's love of music.

What do the lessons cost? 

For those who enroll their child, your costs will be: $15 book and materials fee. This book has nine lessons. Lesson fee options are:

  • A single payment of $154 due at the first lesson; or
  • Two payments of $81 due at the first and the fourth week lessons.

For Books 2 and 3 each has a $20 book and material fee. Both books contain 10 lessons. (If it takes a couple extra weeks for your child to grasp the skills and concepts, there is no additional fee.) Lesson fee options are:

  • A single payment up front of $171; or
  • Two payments of $90 due at week one and week five.

 I have a child with learning needs? Are these lessons for them?

Yes. Let me know and we will start with an evaluation of your child's abilities and needs. Material and book fees will remain the same. The lesson fees will be adjusted according to an agreed upon plan for the number of weeks x $18.

What happens when my child completes the Wunderkey series? What about my first grader?

I will continue those students in lessons using a mixture of materials including the piano series and other resources that are appropriate for your child's interests and ability.

Know that I place a lot of emphasis on children reading notation and understanding basic theory. We'll reinforce these skills through board games, card games and iPad games.

Believing it is important we create and compose our own music, your child will assignments and opportunities to be a composer.

Books that might be suggested for your lessons after Wunderkeys are here.