Thank you for choosing me as your piano teacher! In order to ensure your child gets the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established the following policies.


Music Sparks studio works on a tuition basis. Tuition is for ten 30 minute lesson each semester (9 weeks for Wunderkeys book 1). You will be inform as to your child’s semester tuition rate at prior to the start of the semester.

A minimum of 1/2 the tuition is due at the first and fifth lessons. A discount is given for payment in full at the first lesson.

Books and materials

Wunderkey Book 1 and material fees are $15 for the semester. Book and material fees for Wunderkeys Book 2 and 3 are each $20.

Once a child begins traditional lessons, parents will need to purchase the recommended piano series. A material fee of $10 per semester cover games and work sheets provided.

Missed lessons

Illness and other challenges result in missed lessons. Here are three options for dealing with absence:

  • If possible you can use FaceTime or Skype during the designated lesson time.
  • Simply call to chat about your child’s progress during the time that is reserved for your child.
  • Use a make-up lesson slot (no more than two allowed per semester).


If you need to miss a lesson, please notify me as soon as possible.

I love hearing from you! Feel free to write me at anytime about what is happening with your child or to ask questions. Please feel free to email me or call and leave a message. A response will be given during my weekday office hours.

Student Commitment

Regular practice is imperative to learn how to play. The most important time for the student to practice is immediately following the lesson – or at least on the same day as the lesson, after the student has received instruction. Research indicates that retention rate is as high as 90% on the first day, whereas it drops to almost 60% if the students waits just 24-hours.

The amount of time to practice grows with the child.

  • Wunderkeys Book 1 = minimum of 5 minutes 3-4 days a week.
  • Wunderkeys Book 2 & 3 = minimum of 7 minutes 4-5 days a week.
  • Traditional piano = minimum of 10-15 minutes 5 days a week.

Participation in the spring and winter recitals is optional but encouraged.

Inclement Weather

Should the need arise to cancel lessons due to bad weather; the lessons will be taught online, or in extreme cases, rescheduled. The lesson may be made up in the form of a master class, group class or individual lesson (at the teacher's discretion.)


Prompt drop off and pick up are expected. Parents are welcome to wait in the living room. You may also sit in the music room during your child’s lesson. Please have your child inside and ready to go a minute or two prior to their lesson.  If at all possible, please join your child in the music room the last five minutes of their lesson. This provides us a time to share the accomplishments and goals for the next week.

Dismissal and Termination

If for any reason you must stop lessons, one month’s notice is required. At that time, I will pro- rate the tuition for your final month to reflect the number of lessons that you have received based on the last lesson date. You will be required to pay this balance within 30 days. Regrettably, I will have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur:

• Failure to pay tuition on time

• Persistent absences

• Uncooperative attitude

• Failure to follow practice as instructed

• Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements